Welcome to Eliza House Bed & Breakfast

Eliza House Bed and Breakfast is an elegant Victorian building which has recently been refurbished to reflect its original style and décor.

Eliza House is an elegant Victorian townhouse situated approximately five minutes walk from Richmond’s historic centre. Enjoy a warm welcome, good home cooking and a friendly atmosphere at Eliza House. Guests are offered a delicious locally sourced breakfast, and homemade cake with tea or coffee on arrival. The house has recently been extensively renovated and wall papered by the team at Hi Lite who areDecorators in Worthing using some of the finest Farrow and balls paints. whilst sympathetically maintaining many of its Victorian features. One modern feature was the industrial roller shutter door on the kitchen store room by Prestige Doors, Unit 14, St Denys Nursery, Dappers Lane, Angmering, West Sussex, BN16 4EN, 0800 083 3105.

Eliza House has just been awarded 4 Stars by the Visit Britain Quality in Tourism award scheme as well as receiving a Breakfast Award. Relax in one of the three beautifully appointed en-suite bedrooms and start each day with a hearty locally sourced breakfast. Eliza House blends original Victorian features with luxury home comforts.

Feng Shui and Your Home

Feng Shui and Your Home

According to Chinese beliefs, the energy of your home would depend on how your furniture are arranged and how the lighting in your rooms are designated. Although granted that not all of us really believe in it, but there are actually some sense in their beliefs. Like if you have your doorway built in front of a staircase, that thing could lead to an accident. If you take a look at it, they actually could be right. I mean, it could be something that our common sense could think because if someone falls from the stairs and the door that is right in front of it is open, then there is a huge chance of that person ending up on the streets!

It is pretty funny and I know you’re laughing right now, but aren’t they right or aren’t they right? They have other suggestions as well that could also make sense and that’s the fact that plants are needed to create good energy in your home. It is up to you if you want to believe that but if we are going to take a look the science behind it, they could be right again.

Chinese and Feng Shui masters believe that plants have the ability to bring good fortune to your home. In science, having plants around could help improve the air in your house. And of course, if the air is good in your home then it will be easy for you to think. This will lead to you becoming more productive. And if you are more productive, you will be able to accomplish a lot of things whether it is regarding your work or business. And to sum that all up, you will be able to have a lot of money! So again, they make sense in that area.

They have other beliefs like including the image of Buddha in your home or that cat that always moves its hand up and down, well… we don’t know if there is some truth behind those things. But here is what we could tell about them; those lucky charms might have an effect in your life if you actually believe in them. If you don’t then they are still good to go for the Asian theme in your home. Which means, you can’t deny the fact that they are good as a home décor.

Those lucky charms could add character to your space. You don’t really need to put your faith in those things to bring you luck. You have the ability to do that to yourself. If you work hard enough and you are kind to people, then anything is possible. But if you want to expand your luck and try on some things beyond the conventional, then there is always Feng Shui. They don’t guarantee though that your life would be lucky, but we can guarantee you that their idea would create a new energy in your home whether you believe it or not.

Remodeling your Attic into a Bedroom

The attic is that one space in the house that is never utilised to the best possible extent. People mostly use it as a storeroom and just keep filling it with the most unnecessary and trashy things that they have in their house. The importance of attic is always underestimated as it has the capacity to be converted into a perfect room for your youngest child or even for the guests. You just have to follow some easy steps and you will have an extra room in your house, perfect for catering any of your needs.


  1. Clear the Room:

This is the best time to get rid of all those extra things that you have been piling up all these years and have never put them to any use. Donate them to the charitable organisations so they are utilised for better purposes. Only keep those things that you are sure will come in use in the future.

  1. Keep an Eye on Useful Stuff:

There is a high chance that you might come across something that will help you in furnishing or decoration of the room. If you find something that might need some minor fixing, keep it. It is better to fix such stuff rather than going to the market and buying new things. It doesn’t hurt to save a few pounds.

  1. Clean Thoroughly:

Now is the time to cover your face with a mask and go on the most difficult yet exciting mission of cleaning the attic. You are very likely to come across some friendly mice and cockroaches but, your mission requires you to kill them and remove their bodies from the scene of the crime. Check every nook and corner of the room. If there are any mice holes then block them to save the room from any intruders in the future.

  1. Access to Electricity:

The room now definitely needs more of lighting and some heating or cooling too. This requires an easy access to electricity. You have to consult an electrician and ask for more electrical wiring to the attic. It is a very simple process and will hardly take a day or two of your time.

  1. Standard Access:

If before, you used a ladder to go into the attic then now is the time to think about a standard staircase. Your little boy or girl will be fine using a ladder but if you have to give the room to the guests then it doesn’t look nice if they have to climb the ladder along with their bags. It is a fairly simple process and will make going to the attic (now actually a room) a simple job.

  1. Furnishing the Room:

It is time to get the right furniture for this new room. It is better to avoid furniture items that have more height as the roof of such rooms is usually at a lower height. Customising the room according to the choice of the person who is going to own it now and decorate it according to a theme of their choice. One place you could go to find shelving for your new room is garage shelving uk.

Now, you don’t have to worry about having fewer rooms in the house. This room will cater to your demands of a growing family while staying in budget.

What’s the Best Flooring for Your Home?

If you are in the process of purchasing a new home or in the middle of home renovation, you’ll probably want to know the kind of flooring that is compatible with the house. Compatibility and being comfortable with the kind of floor should go together.

You do look into different aspects when purchasing a new flooring for your house. Whether it is for commercial or domestic flooring, you need to know how these are installed, the type of material you are to purchase, lifespan of the floor, affordability and what makes it different from the other flooring types. If you’re looking for carpets, one place to go is this IB Flooring – carpet fitters in Worthing. Remember to ask professionals for their opinion as they do have the best ideas and advice. So here is more information on what type of flooring you need in case you still have not made up your mind:

1) Laminate flooring – laminate flooring can come in different styles like wood, stones or tiles. This is a water resistant type of floor and stain resistant type of floor, and there is no need to varnish because it already has a shiny appearance. It is a really durable and reliable kind of flooring. This type of flooring needs a lot of time and concentration. You need to have the professional and highly trained professionals in installing this type of flooring. This needs to have the exact measurement and this is the reason why it is said to be labor intensive.

2) Vinyl Flooring – vinyl flooring is commonly associated with luxurious homes. It is made from a plastic material that is chlorine and ethylene. These are mostly seen in fancy homes. The design and style should perfectly match whatever kind of environment it belongs to. This is also easy to clean and repair. It is very easy to install as well. This is also a water and scratch resistant floor and the best of all is that it is affordable.

3) Engineered wood flooring – these are hard wood made and are installed by putting up a layer or two or more woods above the other. This is also water and scratch resilient type of floor. This provides durability and stability that can last for a period of years.

4) Lino flooring – a type of flooring that is made from a natural linseed oil. These linseed oil are physically removed from flax seeds. These are combined with rosin, cork dust and wood flour

Whatever type of flooring you would want to have, make sure that it can last for a long period of time. The money spent should not be wasted so always choose the right type and be happy living with it in your homes.

Framed Art and Your Room

Framed Art and Your Room

Art on frames is a perfect compliment to any room of your home or office. Embellishing a situation utilizing encircled work of art is brisk, simple and is normally moderately cheap. Individuals by and large pick surrounded craftsmanship in light of the fact that it coordinates their stylistic theme, or on the grounds that they like the genuine piece and directing this determination can be extraordinary fun on the grounds that the decision is just colossal.

Today, there are right now a large number of specialists who have permitted their work to be moved into confined prints. Be that as it may, this is not another thing. The world has valued the work of craftsmen for a long time. While a hefty portion of the cutting edge craftsmen go unannounced to the world, numerous others as of now have stamped their imprint on the world. Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and numerous other excellent craftsmen will live on through their craftsmanship everlastingly and purchasing print renditions of their work is both famous and normal.

Welcoming the work of specialists – regardless of whether they are known or obscure is a critical piece of the social part of life. With a specific end goal to be a balanced individual, it serves to fabricate a solid gratefulness for craftsmanship. An incredible approach to demonstrate your profound respect is through the buy and showcase of art on frames. Surrounded workmanship prints are less lavish than real sketches so this gives you a chance to appreciate the numerous alternatives for brightening your surroundings.

Obtaining confined craftsmanship for your home or office is a novel approach to brighten. Surrounded prints are accessible of about each popular painting or photo. In any case, what piece do you purchase? You can begin with a nonpartisan divider paint and afterward include placing so as to shade surrounded workmanship on the divider and after that add some coordinating toss pads to your love seat. Since encircled workmanship is generally modest you are sans then to change the look from season to season contingent upon your mind-set, the climate or a unique occasion.

On the off chance that you are going to enliven or redesign a room or office, surrounded workmanship is a fast and simple arrangement on the grounds that the determination of specialists and prints is gigantic. Prints – also called art on frames – can be a duplicate of any sort of craftsmanship, including sketches, photos, and then some. Prints are extremely reasonable, and look incredible when they are encircled. Encircled workmanship prints are sold as groups or sets together, and in addition independently. On the off chance that you locate an incredible print from an asset that does not offer casings, you can buy a casing independently.

The casing you pick relies on upon your tastes and inclinations. You can considerably think about buying as a shoddy $2 print and dress it with a lavish casing for a truly tasteful look.

right curtains

The Right Curtains For Windows

Making a fast arrangement of drapes and a valance is something that you can do regardless of the possibility that you don’t have much sewing knowledge. It’s simply a question of thoroughly considering the procedure and ascertaining for fabric required and knowing how to utilize a sewing machine.

Apparatuses required: adding machine, pencil and paper, measuring tape, measuring stick, pins, scissors, iron, string and sewing machine.

Choose what shading or example will work best with your room stylistic layout now. Heading off to the fabric store is constantly one of my most fun times, I keep my creative energy transparent swatches of fabrics (and costs) the first run through to see what every one of my choices are. Take swatches home and begin laying so as to dispose of them alongside real parts of the effectively enriched room (love seat, seat, tables, dividers, and so on). Once you’ve settled on your fabric begin measuring.

To gauge for material, choose to what extent you would like the valance to be. Where will you put the drapes in the window? Will you do them bistro style or mostly down the window? Possibly you just need a little space between the valance and drape, utilize your creative ability, draw a representation of the window and do a few situations on it to see what looks great.

Pre-wash the material on the off chance that you pick. On the off chance that you don’t pre-wash material and wash the window ornaments later anticipating that them should be the same length, you may be astounded! In the event that you have pre-washed you’re material, take it out of dryer, fold down the middle, wrong side out (on the off chance that you can tell), like it was already from store off the jolt, and lay it on your surface and smooth it out (table, floor, and so on.). Do likewise for all widths of material; this will make it simpler to handle. You may need to touch up with an iron.

Time to stamp the fabric and cut! Your material is presently laid out (very few wrinkles). You’ll need to get an even line over the top utilizing your measuring stick. Mark a straight line with a pencil along the top (if darker material a pen will work or even chalk on the off chance that you have it). Eyeball it to verify it looks even, at times the fabric store won’t cut it even so it’s dependent upon you. This will be you’re beginning reference point (this will be a cutting line for you). Get your counts for the length for every: valance and blind. Presently measure from that straight line down for valance length required, do this twice on the grounds that it should be multiplied for totality (unless 60″ width fabric). Make an imprint. Do likewise most of the way crosswise over and on the collapsed edge. Presently put your measuring stick opposite imprint to check and draw a line (this will likewise be a cutting line). Do likewise for shades.


The Tiny House Movement and Being Inspired By Them

In case you are not aware, there is a movement going on around the globe that is making a huge difference in the world of home ownership. Lots of people are now resorting to it because of the fact that it has helped them financially. Instead having to pay their monthly mortgages that is already killing their bills or instead of paying rent on a regular basis, owning a tiny house is the best alternative. If you want to improve your living situation, trying to get yourself in the community of tiny house living is one of the best options that you have out there.

Now, if you’re still skeptical about this project, you don’t have to leave your current house just as yet. We suggest saving a little for your tiny house for now. Around $15,000 will do to get you started. Try saving for it within a year or two and dive into this new lifestyle that we’re about to walk you through. Here are the advantages of getting a tiny house and paying for it one time big time.

1.Financial freedom from paying mortgages. This has been among the perks that tiny homeowners love with their decision. You don’t have to pay a huge amount of property tax since the government won’t really bug you with that if you’re house is really tiny.

2.You can take it anywhere if it’s mobile. Other homeowners prefer their tiny houses to have wheels, which is perfect because they can take them anywhere! You won’t have a problem if you want to go on vacation because you can literally take your house with you.

3.Less payment on bills. Living in a tiny house also means living off the grid. Although it would still depend where are you going to have it built. But typically, the community of this movement can be found in areas that are not in the city life. This means that most people who are living in this lifestyle resort to natural energy. The house’s structure usually has a good lighting structure like glass windows and such for the sun to come in.

It is going to be changing your lifestyle for the better. A lot of people are still thinking about it because not all of us really are used to the idea of living in a small space. But living in a tiny space is also a good way to build a person’s character. You will learn contentment and being grateful for what you have. This has been a saving grace by a lot of people going homeless. Instead of being buried in debt, they just choose to eliminate debt in their lives and simplified their lifestyle. Practicality is being practiced well when you move to a tiny space.You can still live big in a tiny house. All you need to do is spend on your furniture and interior pieces. You can invest on them instead of having to pay for infinite bills.